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Our quality policy and commitment is to help our clients win.

Helping clients win and build competitive advantage in today's global, rapidly-shifting competitive e-business battlefield demands of us an ever greater level of creativity and flexibility in combining and recombining our people and our knowledge in ways appropriate to the unique circumstances of each client engagement. This is why we refuse to adopt the approach that many other consulting firms follow, that being a geographically-based mode of organization.

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Strategy Associates is a business consulting firm with approximately 200 contracting professionals working in 5 offices around the world. We serve clients on a diversified mix of issues related to enhancing problem solving skills competitive advantage. Our aspiration is to operate as a network organization–that is, an “intelligent switch” in a closely-linked global network of expertise and experience involving twenty organizational groups.

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Strategy Associates Distinctive Competence

We target communities underserved by high speed networks and advanced digital services with unique partnerships that combine the strengths of all constituent stakeholder groups and our top tier technology vendors.

Broadband Technology

Much of our fear is fear of change in the status quo, a fear that we might lose what we have if we venture forth from where we are now.

The Four Types of Innovation

There are basically four types of innovation that organizations involved in Quality Management strategies need to be concerned about.

Leadership and Management Quality

Competing in the future will require leaders and sets of managers who are adept at two kinds of management: organization maintenance management and organization development management.